Sushu (summercomfort) wrote,

DONE with my 3rd quarter comments!! Yay! I feel free again! (Even if I have to start grading essays again soon.)

I just ordered myself a tranjo so that I can bring the banjo to ACen for playing of Explore. I at first looked at advice for bringing a banjo on the plane, and the advice was generally (a) don't, and (b) if you have to, buy a $500 case to protect it. So even though the tranjo is kinda expensive, it's cheaper than the other "serious business" banjos, and also cheaper than those cases. Plus it's light and it's full-sized and online reviews say it's a pretty decent mid-range banjo, so I can play it in lieu of my current banjo, as well. Other than Explore, I only know Boil Them Cabbage, and I'm working on Wildwood Flower (skipped Cripple Creek because it was boring). Jono's been also working on Shima Uta, which I mapped out the fingerings to, so maybe I'll play with that a little. :D

BTW, spreading the meme of this amazing Pakistani actress kicking butt: full of righteous rage and yelling at a Mullah.

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